2016 Emirates Classic Car Festival Downtown Dubai

A car is a marvelous creation of the human ingenuity, which testifies the excellence of the creator. For many car experts out there, these individuals believe that owning a classic and vintage car is not an ordinary dream. One reason is that this kind of investment is expensive and presents rarity. Because of this, not all vehicle owners can display what they have on the most prestigious car show events in the world.

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In United Arab Emirates, one of the most anticipated events in the country is the annual Emirates Classic Car Festival and organized by EMAAR Properties through the partnership of the Automobile & Touring Club of the UAE (ATCUAE). Since 2009, this event had been capturing the attention of millions of car experts and enthusiasts worldwide.

This luxurious event is already on its 8th edition and just like what it offers in the past few years, hundreds of vintage cars and motorcycles will fascinate the people who are going to attend the Emirate Classic Car Festival in Downtown Dubai on March 24-27, 2016. This spectacular 4-day car show takes place at the beautiful Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard and the admission is free that starts from 3pm until 10pm.

If many car lovers enjoyed the 7th edition in 2015 that displayed almost 320 classic vehicles, they will definitely appreciate the upcoming event this 2016 because the theme is about “Competition Of Elegance” or “Concours D’Elegance.” This means that it displays or highlights the most elegant and prestigious automobiles in the world.

As stated by the Managing Director of EMAAR Properties Ahmad Al Matrooshi, the annual Emirate Classic Car Festival does not only feature the remarkable beauty of hundreds classic cars because the event also reveals the impressive evolution of the automotive industry we have today.

The annual calendar of this prestige classic car show in UAE is continuously becoming popular across the globe. Thousands of car owners, car enthusiasts, families and dilettantes are welcome to visit the venue to reveal the different extravagant vehicles and motorcycles displayed at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard.

When talking about the categorized awards for the winning automobiles, these include the People’s Choice Award, Best of Show Award, Classic Motorcycle Award, EMAAR Award, UAE Award, Best Recreation Award, American Car Award, Classic Truck Award, Dubai Award, Heritage Car Award and more.

The 8th edition of the 2016 Emirate Classic Car Festival will definitely make all the participating cars and motorcycles as the most impressive creations of admiration.

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