5 Signs You Need to Change Your Car Muffler

The muffler or silencer in cars or other vehicles is used to decrease the noise from the exhaust of the combustion engine. Depending on the make of the car and the exhaust system of the engine, the cost of its repair may vary. However, since the mufflers are important in keeping the engine in optimum condition, ensuring that fuel is efficiently used and reducing pollution in the environment, it should be always maintained. Listed are five signs that one needs to change his car muffler.

Exhaust Repair

Obviously, a loud and deep rumbling sound from the vehicle is a sign that there is something wrong with the car exhaust system, particularly the mufflers. As soon as one notices this kind of noises from the car, he must immediately get his car checked for problems in the exhaust. Setting aside this noise until it becomes too loud will most likely make situations worse. This is because the damage in the mufflers may damage other parts of the vehicles engine which may cause more repair costs. As such, having someone check your mufflers as soon as you hear a strange sound will help you save money.

Exhaust Leak

Noticing a loss of power or vibration when operating a car means you need to get your exhaust system checked. This vibration may be noticed when making contact with the steering wheel, car seat or foot pedals. This vibration may turn into a rumbling sound as the damage gets worse, which means that there is a leak in the exhaust system. This likewise signals that the car engine is not in its optimum condition. As such, not only does you get less performance from your car, your repair costs also increase as you set aside this sign.

Fuel Inefficiency

When the time comes when you think that you fill up your gas tank more often than you usually do, then you must immediately get your muffler checked. Similar to the vibrations and the noise caused by a faulty exhaust system, increase in fuel consumption is a sign that there is something wrong with the exhaust system. An exhaust leak causes the engines to work harder and thus requires more fuel.

Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter in the exhaust system is most commonly stolen due to its metal scrap value. If you hear a noise like there is a box of rocks being shaken when the car is idle or parked, chances are your catalytic converter is damaged or had been stolen.


If you notice that there is an odor coming from underneath the vehicle, then there is a good chance that there are holes in the muffler or the exhaust pipes. This odor is caused by the carbon monoxide from the combustion and is dangerous. Breathing in this gas is fatal to humans and there have already been numerable medical reports that stem from its inhalation. Moreover, this gas is also harmful for the environment.

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