5 Simple Ways to Prevent Your Car from Being Stolen

Getting a car isn’t just as simple as dropping by the car showroom of your favorite company. If you’re buying one through financing, you need to secure plenty of papers before you can finally sit behind the wheels. Add in the fact that cars can be a little pricey depending on the brand and the model.

With all these things, it is important that you keep your ride safe from all those car thieves running around town. Unless you’re fine losing your car because of your careless habits, you should go and check these 5 simple tips that you can do to keep your car safe.


  1. Never Park in Unsecured Places

There will always be areas that are more prone to car theft than other places. Know which places aren’t safe for you to park and see to it that you avoid going around that area. Whenever you park, see to it that it’s a well lit area near a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. If possible park in your own garage or in paid parking lots instead.


  1. Always check the door locks

Make it a regular routine to double check on the locks of your car. They may get damaged over the years, making them more vulnerable and unsafe. Contact your favorite locksmith if you suspect any damage with your door locks and have them changed or fixed.

Also before leaving your cars after parking them, make sure that you have locked the doors correctly. Many drivers and car owners overlook this quite often. Always make sure to lock your cars even when you’re driving too. You’d never know what to expect most especially in areas with high crime rates.


  1. Keep your vehicles hidden from prying eyes

Avoid flaunting your things inside your car. Use the storage compartments that your car has. Whenever you leave your car, make sure that you have your car’s registration papers and keys with you. A huge number of stolen cars cases aren’t solved because thieves get away from the police because they are able to produce the papers when they are pulled over by the police.


  1. Try Installing Anti-Car Theft System

There is a variety of anti-car theft devices available today. The most common and cheapest device is the mechanical immobilizer. This works by restricting the access to the steering wheel and the transmission. You can reinforce this device with a car alarm so that you get notified whenever someone attempts to break in your car. In addition to this, you can also use a vehicle tracking system so that even when a car theft has successfully taken your car, you can still track it down and have the criminal apprehended.


  1. Go the distance and take your steering wheel with you

Yes, you read it right. Bring the steering wheel with you. There is no possible way that any car thief can take your car away when they don’t have any means of driving it in the first place. If you don’t feel comfortable in taking it with you, then you can stash it somewhere safe instead.

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