5 Tips on how to Extend the Life of Your Car

Since cars could be really expensive, making sure that your initial investment pays off by being able to use the car for years with minimum repairs. Moreover, there are simple measures that may be taken to extend the life of your car.

Care and Maintenance

Many have acknowledged that regular checkups and maintenance are the best ways to extend the life of your car for years. Drivers who have the most mileage on their vehicles are the ones who keep their maintenance schedules. By doing so, one may avoid problematic issues even before they get worse. Among the ways you may do this is by making sure that all the fluids in the car are new and clean. Regular oil changes prevents the build-up of deposits that can rob off fuel efficiency and the life of your car. The same principle applies to the brake fluid or clutch fluid. Furthermore, one should also replace the air filters every once in a while. The tires should also be rotated every thousand miles. All of these maintenance activities may seem laborious, but they will pay off in the long run– saving you money and prolonging the life of your car at the same time.

Drive with Care

This should not even be mentioned, but it should always be emphasized. One should avoid short trips that may cause the car to shorten the life of the car by producing condensation that would not be completely evaporated, thus causing damage. Also, do not let a car go idle for too long and avoid putting much load into it.

Protect the Interior

This is where you spend most of your time and it affects your feeling towards the car and the resale value. A poorly maintained interior is mainly caused by the weather and the driver. Rubber mats should be installed to keep dirt off the car. Cleaning should also be done regularly. The floors, dashboard, instrument panel and the gauges should be regularly cleaned. Likewise, some elbow grease will help extend the life and condition the car.

Protect the Exterior

No one wants a dumpy looking vehicle. Always keeping the exterior in good condition helps with this dilemma. To do this, one should invest in proper racks for the car’s roof. Blankets and towels should be used when protecting the roof when heavy luggage such as bicycles is being tied down on the roof rack. Also make sure that anything tied on the roof of the car is secured so that you may avoid scratches. Garages are also ideal to protect the car from the weather.

Know Your Car

Your car is a complex machine made of thousands of mechanisms. It is best to at least know some of the basic concepts so that you may notice any problems that may arise while on the road. A simple change in the noise of the car could mean one thing, but failure to notice this may compromise the life of the car.

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