8 Car Travel Tips Cat Owners Need to Know

Some pets especially cats really hate car travels. Still, it may depend on the kind of cat you have. Most of the time, you might consider safety and less stressful travels that are why you tend to leave your cats at home.

That is why I will be giving you some tips that will allow you to bring your cat with your tours and travel getaways ensuring protection and peaceful experience.

Cat Carrier

A loose cat can be a catalyst for accidents. Cats react disastrously and get fury projectile when an incident happens. This will ensure you and your cat’s safety from being lost. Invest on a carrier which is strong and easy to clean, too. You can do this by first conditioning your cat to get used to going in and out of the carrier. But please make sure that your carrier is well ventilated and secure. Place it an area very safe even if you hit the brake so hard to avoid cats experience travel traumas.


Regardless of how cautious you are, mischance can happen and your cat can escape or get lost. The most secure type of recognizable proof is to get your cat be microchipped. This is a fast system your veterinarian can do. Albeit microchipping, it’s likewise a smart thought to have a neckline with distinguishing proof. Phone numbers are the best ones to have the recognizable proof instead of your home number so you can simply go to when out and about.

Kitty’s Bag

Of course, your cat has different needs than yours. You should consider bringing with you a complete pack of your cat’s needs. This may include, food, water, eating bowls, plastic bags (for soiled poops), litter scooper, travel-sized litter box (can be a disposable one0, treats, toys, pet wipes, and towels. And for your long-haired cat, bring grooming supplies. Always bring the important documents of your cat.


Your cat also feels the same way like when you’re riding a bus, it gets jaded and fed up so make sure to plan pit stops every 2-3 hours.


Sometimes last minute errands are inevitable but never ever leave your cat inside your car. The temperature inside the car may heat up very fast and your cat’s life might be in danger. Aside from that, there is a law that prohibits leaving pets inside the car, you might be apprehended if authorities discover it.

Make them busy

Cats are fond of roaming around since they are in a crate or carrier they tend to get bored and fed up. Bring toys and stuff that your cat will surely love, cats love boxes.

Talk to Kitty

Admit it or not, sometimes your best travel companion is your pet alone. Talking to your cat is a very effective way to get its attention. This will help your cat be stress-free and feel the love of its owner. Also, it helps the cat builds loyalty.


Some hotels or lodges do not allow pets. Make your bookings on a place where your cat can stay with you. In the event that you are traveling to your relatives out of town, make sure that your cat will rest in a secure area.

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