8 Car Washing Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

The maintenance of cars must not be limited to the engines and other interior parts. The outside appearance must also be regularly monitored as well. Proper washing will help cleaning the car efficiently while saving more water. Here are some tips for proper washing and external cleaning of the cars.

Gather all the needed materials.

Materials do not need to be expensive. As long as the materials are clean and non-destructive, owners will have no problem in choosing their most preferred cleaning materials. A simple bucket (or a garden hose), together with appropriate car soap, clean brush, sponge, and rags are already sufficient for washing.

Do it at the proper place.

The place for washing must be cleaned so that the car will not get dirty easily after the washing. The place must also be spacious enough to be able to reach every external area of the car, including the top portion. Finally, the place must be free from disturbance and will not bother neighbors and other people.

Use hands for cleaning.

Paint cleaners such as the ones used in gasoline stations are not efficient for cleaning cars. Instead, use a sponge, and manually apply the soap using hands so that even the smallest areas will be reached. Also, the use of hands will enable to apply the needed pressure to remove heavily attached particles.

Wetting the car must be done first.

Before application of soap, soaking the whole car with water is the best way to remove dusts that are not heavily attached to the car. This will save the amount of soap used, and will prevent cars from getting marks caused by the excess application of pressure in the sponge.

Do not forget to clean the hidden parts.

Every portion of the car should be cleaned and applied with soap, even the corners and edges. To be able to do this, make sure that cleaning will start from the roof down to the tires. Also, make sure that the back of the wheels and the inner parts (only those that are reached by the hands) are also cleaned.

Use brush for wheels and tires.

Sponges are ineffective for wheels and tires, as they unable to remove the dusts that are located between the ridges of the tires. Use brush instead, and do not forget to apply soap. Application of pressure in this part must be stronger for more efficiency.

Rinse again with water after the soap

Rinsing is required to completely remove both the remaining dust and soap. Make sure that all the soaps are completely removed, as it will leave markings in the car when dried.

Dry, and then wax.

Use rags, especially the thicker ones that are capable of absorbing more water. Do not expose the car in sunlight because it will dry the water, which will leave markings. After drying, apply only a sufficient amount of wax for metals, and tire gel for the tires. The excess application does not mean higher efficiency.

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