Abu Dhabi to Start Detecting Noisy Cars on Residential Areas

 abudhabiAbu Dhabi will start to monitor different cars that cause extreme noise through detecting them using the latest roadside sensors. The capital region will be installing these sensors in various residential places to make sure they detect all noisy cars on the roads.

Due to the continue number of cars that produce extreme noise on the different streets, Abu Dhabi has decided to monitor and detect these vehicles using their latest equipment known as roadside sensors, according to the report of a dependable online news. To make sure they identify these vehicles, they will install the new sensors in the different residential places wherein they feature inventive camera units that can capture all vehicles that violate the rule.

The installed sensors can easily capture the plate number of the car and the owner needs to settle the fine if caught by the camera. Moreover, the system can determine an excessive level of noise and this helps the authority in determining the violation.

Captain Ahmed Al Muhairi is the designer of these sophisticated gadgets and Abu Dhabi is the first capital to use them. Al Muhairi is also the head of safety for the traffic police in this area.

From the point of view of Major General Mohammed Al Romaithi, the installation of the sensors within the residential places can reduce the pollution of noise effectively.

Major General Mohammed Al Romaithi
Major General Mohammed Al Romaithi is the current Abu Dhabi Police commander in chief.

In line with this, Salaheddine Bendak stated that, “Traffic noise is considered a health hazard in Dubai and Riyadh, with the traffic noise levels being 69 and 80 decibels.”

“I think it’s fair to assume Abu Dhabi traffic noise levels are similar to those of Dubai and this is a big health issue that needs to be addressed,” adding that, “Such a new technology would be a step in the right direction.”

Bendak is an associate professor industrial engineering at the University of Sharjah and he studied traffic noise on streets in both Dubai and Riyadh.

The report added that Glenn Havinovski stated that if the camera and sound sensor can determine the exact noisy vehicles, it would quickly help the authority when filing cases. He added that it is important to setup the roadside sensors on the main routes and must not be visible to the drivers because they can easily bypass the sensors.

Havinovski is a traffic expert who hails from the United States.

Meanwhile, the Abu Dhabi Police are still clueless on how what level of noise to apprehend and on what penalties to impose against the involved drivers.

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