Become a Better Driver by Doing This 6 Simple Steps

Learning how to drive is one thing, but becoming a better driver is another. This is most especially true if you’re a newbie driver in UAE, a country where plenty of people are quite the living versions of race car movie icons like Dominic Toretto of the Fast and Furious Series.

It’s definitely a challenge to rise up to the challenge and even adapt to the intense driving culture in UAE. It may even take you years to be as awesome as Dominic, but here are a few things that you should take note of to improve your driving skills one step at a time.

1. Always be up-to-date with the rules

Keeping yourself updated with the latest rules and regulations of a certain locale is an unspoken rule in driving. In UAE, the inner lanes are primarily used by hi-speed luxury cars. Also, the authorities implement very strict penalties against drivers who are driving under the influence of alcohol.

This kind of rules will serve as everyone’s guide in understanding the most basic things about navigating through a new place. This will also help you avoid committing traffic violations and encountering people inflicted with road rage.

2. Avoid stressing yourself out

Driving in UAE can be quite challenging as there are plenty of drivers who go way overboard their speed limits. It is also quite typical to find yourself in the middle of the road where drivers change lanes without even bothering to give signals. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep yourself composed at all times, because getting mad or stressing out will not help you out in any way.

Aside from this, see to it that you don’t drive while you’re all tired and sleepy. If a cup of coffee can’t solve it, pull over and opt for a quick power nap.

3. Understand your strength and weaknesses

Facing your strengths and flaws are always the best way to improve in any aspect of life. Learn to pinpoint the things that you aren’t good at and make sure that you find time to train yourself a bit more. Assess yourself by answering questions like “Do you often go beyond your speed limits?”, “Do you have difficulty in parking?”, “Are you having a hard time driving in a rough terrain?”, and “Do you find change lanes confusing?”

There are several ways to hone your skills like enrolling in a driving school to learn a few useful tricks. Driving schools can offer different kinds of curriculum that would cater your specific needs. It would also be very handy to get to know the things that you are good at, since you can also improve on these skills to become even better.

4. Mind your distance

As mentioned earlier, driving around UAE can be quite daunting especially for newbies. In order to keep up with the fast paced life of the drivers around the area without compromising your safety, make it a habit of maintaining a safe distance between your car and that of the car in front of you.

One helpful trick is to add in its total car length to that of yours and use it as your basis for distance for every 10 mph increase in speed. Take note that the faster you drive – the bigger the car distance you should maintain to avoid collision and other untoward incidents.

5. Relax and Clear your Mind

Driving while you’re pre-occupied can never make you a better driver, because, instead of focusing on the road, your mind tends to flutter to some other place. It would be extremely helpful to be in your best mood when you’re behind the wheels. Leave out your problems for a while to help you focus on the important things, like your speed and the current things that are happening around you as you drive.

6. Utilize tech advancements for vehicle

In an era where you can learn mostly anything from watching video on YouTube, listening to podcasts and reading articles from blogs, there is no stopping you from improving your target skill like driving. There are several options to choose from like instructional multimedia that you can readily purchase online.


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