Beware! Hackers Has Found A Way To Take Over Cars With Computer

One of the worst nightmares of a car owner has turned into reality. Hackers have found a way to take over cars. They can now remotely control cars via computer, which is a terrifying news for every car owner. This is likewise dangerous. Just imagine when you are on the road and suddenly your car has lost control and you cannot do anything about the situation.

In any cases, hackers can now control your car the way they wanted, and you cannot do anything about it. According to an experiment performed by Wired Magazine, hackers have succeeded in controlling a Jeep Cherokee. This vehicle has internet capability, which helps hackers to control it.

With the use of a computer, the hackers have controlled the car 10 miles away, via internet. They even completely shut the Jeep down. This gave way for the manufacturer to recall the car, and work on fixing any loopholes that the hackers have discovered. However, even if the hackers have found out that there’s something wrong with cars having computer capacity, the FBI still warns vehicle owners, and what they can do.

As a car owner, you must be extra careful into having any third-party materials being downloaded to your car’s system. Treat your car as a computer. Once you think that you have been hacked, you must get in touch with the manufacturer right away.

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