Deep Cleaning Your Vehicle like a Pro with these 3 Basic Tips

Deep cleaning your car plays an important role for its overall performance and durability. Without a regular schedule for this, the engine and the other parts of the car might give out earlier than expected. Deep cleaning does not just involved washing and washing the exterior, but it also includes extra detailed jobs like vacuuming the floor or shampooing the car seats.

Many car owners opt for professional services for deep cleaning, but anyone who is well equipped with the right knowledge and cleaning tools can do just as well as the experts.  Here are 3 easy to follow tips that will help you achieve a deep cleaned car.

  1. Start with the Exteriors

Giving your car a good old wash and keeping its surface well polished maintains its physical appeal. Most car owners prefer having their cars washed and polished by pros but you have the option to do this in your own garage with a good amount of auto paint and a couple of polishing tools.

For this step, you will need cleaning clays and a microfiber to effectively get rid of the pollutants found on the vehicle’s surface and to polish the surface effectively. These two materials are widely available in most DIY shops and online shopping sites in UAE.

After cleaning and polishing the body of the car, don’t forget to clean the wheels of debris with a trusty wheel cleaner and then polish it with a metal wax. There are plenty of different products you can use for the wheels that are sold in the area.

Apart from cleaning the exterior, you might also need to do some restoration jobs for some parts that are already damaged like the foglights, taillights or the headlights.

  1. Get Rid of the Odors Inside of your Car

After cleaning out the exterior, proceed with the interior of the car. In most cases, cars can become a bit smelly over time because of pet odor, cigarette smoke and leftover food. This can be removed by vacuuming the carpet and the seats.

If possible use compressed air as well to remove debris from the hard to clean areas like the edges of the car’s flooring. Use a fine toothbrush to sweep off any remaining particles that are blown off by the vacuum or the compressed air.

Sometimes, sweeping and vacuuming the car floors is not enough. There are plenty of times when food particles from your most recent road trip get stuck in between the seats.

These become a substrate that molds and bacteria use to proliferate. The accumulation of these organisms is held responsible for the persistent smell in most cars. So apart from vacuuming the seats, you will also need to mix up a cleaning solution to disinfect your car and get rid of the nasty smell inside.

  1. Don’t forget the engine and its compartment

A deep cleaning of a vehicle will never be complete without cleaning the engine. The engine is the most important part of the vehicle, so it needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

However, there are few things that you need to remember like in the case of cleaning a freshly used car. Take note that you are required to cool it down first to avoid damaging the engine.

You also need to cover the exposed filters before applying the degreasing solution. Make sure that you also read the instruction labels before you proceed. In addition to the degreasing formula, you will also need plenty of brushes, towels and rugs to wipe the engine clean.

Replace the oil too if you have already reached the maximum miles to avoid the accumulation of dirt and debris inside the engine. This can cause serious damage over time.

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