Ford Fiesta 2016

If you like small cars, chances are you’ve considered a Ford Fiesta in the last six years. It is now a staple in the sheaf of brochures of potential car owners looking for an expressive and sporty-looking little car. It may be a bit close quarters for four people, but it is still a nice car for spryer car riders.

Ford Fiesta 2016 InteriorThere is not a lot different in the look of the 2016 model, but inside the slightly Eurostyle interior and well-coordinated colors go very well with the Sync 4 infotainment system. It replaces the buggy and difficult to use MyFord Touch interface, which did not live up to the hype when it was launched in 201, and remains a sore subject for Ford developers.

The Fiesta retains the spunky look and grill of the 2014 model. While the four-door sedan caters to buyers that favor the conventional boot, it looks a little ungainly compared to the hatchback, which looks better and sportier. It may even be appropriate to call the five-door design as racy, especially the ST form.

Fiesta Enginer 1.6The Ford Fiesta is highly maneuverable and easy to handle, quite nimble compared to its nearest competitors. Buyers can choose from one of three engines. Most would go for the base car with 120 HP in its 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine. With 2,600 lb to pull, it is a bit slow on the uptake, but the one with manual transmission is lively enough. The PowerShift automatic transmission option is not a good choice, as it lacks the torque in its dual clutch gearbox.

Another option is the SE version that has a tiny 1.0 liter 3-cylinder engine, topping out at 123 HP and pulling at 148 lb/ft of torque.  It is far more aggressive than the base car, and clocks at 40 mpg on road tests, even though its EPA rating is 36.

Fiesta 2016 STFinally, there is the ST form hot-hatch with a 1.6 liter Ecoboost 4-cylinder engine, that in overboost mode reaches 197 HP and 214 lb/ft of torque. This version of the Fiesta has 6-speed manual transmission, and the buyer can opt for brake, suspension, and tire upgrades.  It is a fantastic ride for this category, pushing all the right buttons for the subcompact fan.

Fiesta 2016 SeatsThe base car front seats are a tad uncomfortable, the back seats refuse to fold all the way flat to accommodate cargo, and rough roads can make for a hoppy ride. Engine noise is also an annoyance, something that will not happen with the ST model, thanks to the Sound Symposer, which converts intake noise into something easier on the ears and mood. The ST model also handles rough rides better for long haul driving.

The Fiesta SE is a more economic and better-equipped model than the basic Fiesta, with perimeter alarms, cloth interior, and soft lighting. Go one better with the Titanium model, and get the Sony audio system, plus a rearview camera. You will also get the Sync 3 system mentioned earlier, which is not standard for the basic Fiesta. The system is also available for the ST model.


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