Experience The Adrenaline Rush At The Gulf Car Festival 2016 – Photo Gallery

The Gulf Car Festival 2016 in Dubai is one of the most exciting and anticipated events this year. It is currently in its second year. This event showcases the best super cars in the region, as well as in other Gulf countries. The first ever Gulf Car Festival, which exhibited 400 show cars, has attracted the attention of thousands of car enthusiasts and exhibitors alike.

The event this year is a 3-day affair for the fans and the exhibitors. The most exotic and luxurious cars will be displayed for every spectator to see and appreciate. It also features grand launches of cars to the delight of the viewers. The event started on April 14th and will finish on April 16th. It is estimated that around 15,000 hardcore show car fans will go to the event to be entertained by a huge range of activities.

This set of pictures is a great example of what to expect when you go to the car exhibition this weekend. You will meet fellow car enthusiasts, join electrifying activities and witness the best super cars in the region. Go and join in the fun as it is expected that 800 show cars will participate in this 3-day event. The finest partners, sponsors and exhibitors will likewise be there showcasing the best of the best. The Gulf Car Festival 2016 also helps increase the brand awareness across the participants and the fans. So, if you are in Dubai, hop on to this year’s Gulf Car Festival and experience authentic car exhibition unlike any other.

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