Insane Drifting Skills Felt Firsthand By Lucky Spectators!

You could only dream of riding a car that drifts… big time! Fans at the Gulf Car Festival 2016 in Dubai had their chance of a lifetime! They have felt what it’s like to be in the passenger seat of a drift car! And from the looks of it, they’re all enjoying every moment of it! In Dubai, the Gulf Car Festival 2016 has started yesterday, April 14th, and will be concluded tomorrow, April 16th. So, if you are around the area, now is the best chance to get to see these super cars in the flesh. Not only that, other super cars are being showcased by top sponsors and exhibitors. The main purpose of this car festival is to increase the brand awareness and to bring closer to people the automotive industry.

You are in for a treat as you can see the most exotic and luxurious cars in the region. Some owners even let you take pictures with their cars. There is no dull moment when at the Gulf Car Festival 2016. There are lots of activities where you can join and of course, lots of cars to feast your eyes on! The 3-day exhibition of super cars is expected to host 800 cars around the Emirates region, as well as the participation of other countries around Dubai. You cannot beat this once-in-a-year spectacular event! You must not miss it if you are within the area.

Take for example this video of a car drifting to wow the audience! Pretty much it’s exciting. But with the added twist (that being the spectators get the chance to sit beside the drifter), it becomes more fun! Stay tuned as it is just the second day of the Gulf Car Festival 2016! It is still here by tomorrow, and expect to have more activities and more exotic and super cars for the delight of the audience! If you are in Dubai, go to the Bay Avenue, Business Bay and experience what the Gulf Car Festival 2016 has to offer.

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