Jayson Supan Achieving Remarkable Success in Dubai 

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Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia Logo

Since they established the Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia or PTRCA in April of 2008, it has been producing top caliber technicians who marked their names in the industry of automobile worldwide. Thanks to the partnership of PGA Cars, Philippines and the Don Bosco Technical Institute because through their effort and dedication, they continue to train qualified applicants who can become professionals in the future.

Of course, the main car manufacture that benefits greatly from PTRCA is Porsche. Like what Porsche Centre Philippines Principal Robert Cayluto Jr. stated, this popular manufacturer of expensive cars has great respect to the quality service of the Filipinos. One reason is that there are now successful Filipino technicians and engineers who are working better in Porsche from various places worldwide.

One of the most successful Porsche engineers in United Arab Emirates today is the 27-year-old Jayson Supan. Of course, he hails from the Philippines and since he joined the Al Nabooda Automobiles Porsche Center in Dubai, he continues to achieve remarkable success as the company’s dependable automotive mechatronics engineer. Despite working inside a high-class facility with innovative equipment, he never experience trouble in completing his tasks and submits the results on the expected time.

Jayson is a good example of a true Filipino who lives in a simple community, studying hard to achieve his dream and living with his valuable family. With his perseverance and dedication, he got an opportunity to train under PTRCA in 2008 while studying at Don Bosco. Thanks to his caring relatives because they helped him study and discover the PTRCA during his tough days.

Like any other overseas workers, this successful car engineer experienced sadness and discomfort living away from his loved ones. Likewise, the level of competition working in Dubai with other professionals from countries like India and Pakistan made him felt the pressure. With the great motivation of his co-workers and Filipino friends, Jayson did overcome his worries to focus working in abroad without fear.

Because designing a Porsche car is not an easy task to do, this young Filipino automotive mechatronics engineer is consistently studying new things and improving his skills to help the company meet their objectives for the coming years. We know that the technology they use in creating expensive cars is very impressive and so Jayson is aware of this matter. He is determined to face the different challenges in his current job and use his family as motivation to help him succeed.

This is the reason why his loved ones in the Philippines are proud of Jayson and they feel contented with the success he is enjoying right now. Because he is earning decent salary working at the Al Nabooda Automobiles Porsche Center in Dubai, he was able to help his family built a new house and setup a small business to have a stable income. Likewise, he bought his father a transport jeep to have an additional income.

Jayson values his family greatly and he never fails to support them as a sign of his true love. Even if they regard him now as one of the best employees in Porsche who work in the Middle East, he remain humble and a god fearing person.

From the record of the PTRCA, at least 32 successful students who already graduated and are working in various Porsche centers in the Middle East and in the Asian region. Like Jayson Supan, these 32 lucky Filipinos gained respect from their companies because of being resourceful, hardworking and with loyalty.

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