Myths about Buying a Car

When purchasing a car, one may hear many advices from their friends and relatives. However, in most cases, these advices are outdated or wrong. There are myths when buying a car that had already been proven wrong, but continue to circulate. As such, listed are some myths about buying a car.

Using the Internet is enough to make choices

car onlineSure, the Internet provides every information you may need regarding the technicalities of a car. However, the Internet is also full of lies and disappointing promises. It is best that you use the Internet only to browse for your potential car purchase, but only buy cars that you have test-driven. In that way, you may gauge for yourself if the car is suitable for your needs.

Deals on the Internet are the Best

Many companies had revolutionized their sales by selling the information of an individual to dealerships in exchange for a pre-set price for a vehicle. Even though the dealership may honor the deal, there are many holes in this kind of deals. For instance, the car may not be in stock or the only thing that they agreed is the price of the vehicle. There may be hidden charges in the form of trade-in price, finance interest rate, or other additional products.

A lower price means a better deal

Many people who would purchase a car often consider the price alone. The specific cost which includes the car payment, monthly payment, and interest rates among others is their focus. However, you should also consider other variables such as the security of the deal and its benefit in the long run. A cheaper deal can mean that the car is crappy or you failed to secure necessary warranties that will help you with many repair costs at some point. You should always consider the quality over the price of the deal.

Customization is Expensive

In some instances, vehicles that are customized or special ordered can actually save you money. This is especially true for European cars that may be configured or modified in many different ways. If you have the time to wait, you should consider a special ordered car. By doing so, you get the exact car you want while keeping the cost low.

Extended Warranties are Unnecessary

Your car might already be thinning down your savings and you want to avoid any further expenses. Moreover, whatever addition that the dealers try to sell may sound completely unnecessary at some point. It may also seem that they just want to squeeze more money out of you. However, purchasing warranties are always a good choice.  Warranties may be expensive, but when buying a new car, it is relatively cheaper. Furthermore, warranties pay for themselves in the long run.

Cash is always better

Paying with cash means you had purchased without help. However, this does not mean that you’ll automatically get a car at a lower price. As such, it is always best to consider financing when purchasing a car.

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