Privacy Policy understands the importance of respecting the privacy of all readers and users from this dependable website. On this particular, we assure to give the best protection for these people whenever they visit us. It is important for our readers and users to determine properly on how we gather and utilize their information during their actual visits. With this existing privacy policy, it discloses that people who visit and use our site must accept this particular condition. It is the responsibility of the readers and users to understand our functions once they made a decision to continue using our website.

Gathering of Personal Information

Our responsibility includes gathering personal information from people who visit our website for verification purpose. When talking about the information we collect, these usually include the name, home address, contact number and valid email. It is important for us to gather such information whenever a reader or user interacts with us online. We remind all those who visit and use our website that we have the authority to evaluate and decline the submitted information, if necessary.

When we gather personal information, we always respect the privacy of all those who agree to submit them with us. We understand our obligation in protecting the data or information appropriately and with transparency. Whatever we gather and utilize are relating to our implemented policy and guidelines, wherein.

Sharing of Gathered Information

All of the submitted information or data are very useful in completing the request of the readers and users. Furthermore, we benefit from what we collect because it can definitely help us to improve our visibility and functionality online. Our website aims to give what is best for people who visit us and so we protect them from any kind of fraudulent issue too. We do not permit anyone to sell, release or reproduce any personal information shared by our valued readers and users. In case we need to share them, we ask for consent and only share the information from our legitimate partners, agencies or third parties under certain conditions.

Use of Cookies (Internet Beacons) needs to use cookies (Internet beacons) to trace, monitor and check the details of all visiting individuals. In most cases, we check the details of the user such as the exact browser, IP address and Operating System during the actual visit. With this kind of procedure, it is easier for us to determine the exact number of people who are visiting and using our web site. Our readers and users have the prerogative to manage the cookies during their visit and can even opt out to stop browsing. Moreover, this implemented policy adheres to the guidelines of the European Union (EU) when it comes to managing and using cookies that come from this region.

This privacy policy is very important and as owner of this reliable site, we can alter or improve anything without the consent of our readers and users. Any alteration or improvement we do adheres to the guidelines we implement and the agreement we have. As for those who may have doubts on how we secure their personal information, we are willing to answer their questions through contacting us.