Safety Features You Need for Driving

There may be a perfect car, but not all has it. Some people want more leg room in the car so that they may drive more comfortably while some want less so that they may reach the pedals. Furthermore, there are also individuals who are not contented with the aesthetics of their car and those who wish their sound system are better. These are all personal preferences, but there are certain features that may be considered a necessity for the coming years.

Backup Camera

Navigating in narrow spaces is very risky as you can get dings or dents on your vehicle. Using a backup camera, you may prevent misjudging distances and spot objects that are not visible through your mirrors. By using a backup camera, you not only prevent any damage to your car, but also prevents any accidents from happening due to misjudged distances.

Blind Spot Warning Device

The blind spot in every vehicle had become the cause of many accidents. A blind spot warning device uses cameras that may detect vehicles that are hidden from your blind spot. This same device notifies you if you direct your vehicle towards a lane where there are vehicles. Thus, a blind spot warning device helps you eliminate your blind spot and prevent any further accidents from happening.

Pedestrian Detecting Device

Similar to a blind spot warning device, a pedestrian detecting device uses cameras or radars to detect the presence of potential collision from blind spots. The difference is, while a blind spot device specializes in notifying you of a vehicle, a pedestrian detecting device warns you of any pedestrian that may walk into the path of the car. When the driver fails to respond accordingly, this device may automatically stop the vehicle. It is predicted that in two years, the car manufacturing industry will make use of this technology more extensively due to the safety that this device offers for both the pedestrians and the drivers.

Lane Departure Warning

Switching lanes without using any signals to notify another driver to slow down causes many accidents. With the use of a lane departure warning, a driver becomes notified if he or she moves away from his or her lane without the use of a turning signal. The device is able to do so through the use of lasers or cameras to detect the lanes. At some point, this device may even automatically use the stability system of your car to prevent collision with another car and help save lives.


While many car manufacturers had already introduced a system wherein drivers are given the opportunity to contact them immediately in case they need help, there are car manufacturers who had upped their game. Car manufacturers which include Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Lexus and Mercedes-Benz had introduced a car device which utilizes a driver’s mobile phone and GPS. This system likewise allows drivers to do many functions such as locating their car, unlocking doors in emergency situations, and many others.

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