Simple tips that can help you select a good replacement for your Tires

Purchasing a new tire can be quite expensive. Understanding which products to go with will help you avoid problems like meeting accidents, or spending more money to replace the poor quality tires you have purchased.

However, it is not easy to spot which tires would perform better. The biggest challenge that car owners encounter in purchasing tires is that most the products look very similar, but the materials used are quite different among every brands. To help you maximize your spending on a new set of tires, it would be best to learn about the basic information of the different kinds of tires and wheels in the market. Apart from this, here are other simple tips you can follow to help you decide on which tire to purchase.


Go with the old brand you used if you’re happy with it

Why bother switching to another brand if you’re happy with what you used before? This will save you the burden of gambling your money for new products that you aren’t entirely sure of. Aside from this reason, tire manufacturing companies invest plenty of money in improving their products to cater the needs of their customers better. Ask the tire manufacturer for the original model of the tire that you are using or if this is no longer available, ask for a similar model instead.


Knowing when to replace tires

Replacing tires depends in a list of different reasons. There is no set tire life but it is helpful to look into the manufacturing date of the tires which is located on the sidewall of the tires. This code is consisted of four digits that will indicate the week number and year when the tire was manufactured and the range of distance that you have travelled using the tires.

Tires of sports car aren’t made to last long, so expect that it will wear out as soon as you reach 20,000 miles. Other high performance cars also has a relatively short tire life since most of these vehicles are packed with more features that adds up to the weight that the tires have to support.


 Out with the old, in with the new

Don’t stay with a product that doesn’t serve you with the best performance that you demand. Just make sure that before switching to a new product, check every review of your new target product. Try tires that are labeled for grand touring as these perform quite well by giving you a smoother ride.


Go for specialized tires

It would also be useful to know that there are cars for different seasons. You can try the all season tires, winter tires or summer season tires. The summer season tires will give you more grip. These are made to withstand the high temperatures during the summer season. For the winter tire, this enables you to drive through the harsh conditions of the roads during winter while the all season tire is designed to work optimally during summer, spring and fall.

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