Six Ways of Not Falling Asleep When Driving

It is inevitable to fall asleep while driving especially if the trip take long hours to reach the intended destination.  Falling asleep while driving can cause accidents on the road and can even cause death especially at night when there is lesser people to help you in case if accidents happen.  So, in order to avoid the possibility of accident, here are a few tips to help you stay awake while driving.

  1. Eating and drinking something can help you stay awake. The best food to eat is either spicy, crunchy or tangy food that will help you stay alert.  It is not advisable to eat sweet tasting food due to the negative effect of sugar that can decrease your alertness.  On one hand, in the beverage side, energy drink or coffee may help you stay awake due to caffeine or substances that can wake up the senses.
  2. You will likely stay awake if the temperature is cooler but not so cold as to make you fall asleep. To do this, you can set the vents to blow your face.  You can also wipe your face with wet cloth and open the windows to let the air come in and blow your face.
  3. Play music. The music that should be played is something not soothing or sweet to the ears but those annoying or loud music that can make you stay awake.  Choosing variety of stations can help you stay awake with switching moods and it will help if you sing along with the tune to make you more active while driving.
  4. You can do in-car activities by moving some parts of your body when you begin to feel sleepy. For instance, you can shake your head, nod your head, talk loud, put pressure on the steering wheel, wave your other hand or make mathematical calculations to help your mind and body alert.  Just do not engage in movements that can cause accidents like using cellphones or going on an unacceptable high speed when driving.
  5. Depending on the changing conditions of the day, you can also change settings to help you stay awake. For instance, you can turn on the lights of your car when the night gets dark that you could hardly see the road you are going to.  You can also change your position if you are comfortable with it to avoid being too relaxed while driving.
  6. You can take medicines or other pills that can keep you awake if you really have a problem or a tendency to fall asleep while driving. You can seek advice from your doctor before your long travel on what safe medicines or pills to take for your safety and protection.

There are still many things to do or not to do such as being drunk while driving, driving while being too tired already and driving on known risky roads to keep you safe while driving.  It is better to take extra measure to be safe while driving rather than take the risk that could lead to your mishaps.

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