That Wheel Can’t Handle The Raw, Roaring Power Of A Super Car

If you are in Dubai, then this is an event that you should not miss. The Gulf Car Festival 2016 started yesterday, and it will amaze fans and spectators until tomorrow. This 3-day event is full of exciting exhibits for the car enthusiasts, like this video. You cannot fathom the power of this super car. One of its wheels cannot contain its ferocity, as it exploded! The good thing about it is that no one was hurt, and the viewers around the event were amazed. The Gulf Car Festival 2016 showcases luxury and super cars around the Emirates area, as well as the neighboring gulf countries. This event started just last year and it continues to grow and feature more and more automotive brands.

You are in for a 3-day car feast that you could only ever imagine! It’s like the haven for car enthusiasts in Dubai. Even exhibitors from other countries join this amazing event to showcase their own cars and motors. The number of these super cars are nothing short of amazing! You are in for a treat if you happen to be in Dubai and you are a fan of big, powerful cars. This event is going to show you the best of the best. The Gulf Car Festival 2016 is expected to have the participation of around 800 cars from different owners, exhibitors and sponsors.

The event is also a big help for the automotive industry. People can increase the brand awareness of different car manufacturers that are a part of this event. It is not too late to go to the Gulf Car Festival 2016. It is currently happening at the Bay Avenue, Business Bay. If you cannot make it tonight, there is still tomorrow night! As a fan, you can be entertained by the wide range of activities when you are in the event.

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