The Hazard of Texting and Driving in Dubai

Driving alone could already you put at numerous risks of danger on the road. Potentially, there are different kinds of drivers that act accordingly to their own rules, therefore bringing more trouble along the way. In Dubai, there is a certain ruling that prohibits the occurrence of driving while using your cellular phones. The Federal Traffic Council is yet to recommend the increase of sanctions in creating awareness on such troublesome deeds.

Confiscation of the Vehicle

There are certain implementations that need higher form of punishment that could reduce of having troublemakers along the road. Suggestions in Dubai include the impounding of motor vehicles when the reckless driver is said to be using their mobile phones on the road while driving.  This form of penalty imposes the message that you are not careful towards your surroundings and you are a prominent threat in creating serious accidents or injuries that may not need to happen.  Dubai police recorded of an average 50,000 cases of using their cellular phones while driving, which is relatively higher that its previous years. Even other drivers are reporting individuals who are also breaking the law as they complain to the authorities regarding the usage of such mobile gadgets simultaneously while driving.

Increase in Fine

Eliminating or reducing the prevalence of accidents is a current issue in Dubai. Recent suggestions include the increase of monetary penalties when such crimes are committed. Aside from the normal 200 Dirham fine when traffic violations are met, some recommendations are brought about increasing the penalty by another 1000 Dirhams. This practical method imposes an idea to the commuters that this is already a serious issue towards the community. This also prevents further violations due to the high payments that could be a serious pain for their finances as well. Aside from increasing the payments, a further increase of black point penalty is also achieved. From attaining four black points which is relatively not enough punishment for the users, it is said to increase the severity of the crime to a total of twelve (12) black points. These points would tend to be a factor in removing future risk takers on the road.

Campaigns and Seminars on Traffic Violations

Dubai Federal Police Departments enhances the campaigns of avoiding traffic casualties. Since there are more reports being imparted today in the offices, certain awareness strategies are planned to increase the awareness of traffic accidents due to phoning and driving in a conjoined manner. There are lectures in schools that are being taught to the young learners will already be informed as soon as possible the potential disasters of committing traffic violations along the road. This is to take part in the future minds to take precautions when they are already the ones tackling the roads. The police take full efforts in making the people abide the laws of traffic by spreading such awareness and cooperating with the police in reducing crime in the streets of Dubai.

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