Things You Should Always Have in Your Car

It’s always best to have everything you need when travelling in your car. Nothing sucks more than realizing you forgot something that could have been placed in your car. Moreover, there’s no harm in preparing for the worst. Listed are the things you should always have in your car.

Siphon Pump

This is especially helpful when you run out of fuel and you’re too far from the nearest gas station. A helpful person could offer you some of their fuel and a siphon pump will do the rest.

Water Bottles

When all else fails and you find yourself stranded in a strange place. Drinking water can go a long way to quench your thirst and get you going.

Traction Mats

If you find your car stuck on snow, mud, or ice, a traction mat can help your wheels get the proper traction to move forward. These mats are made from lightweight steel or plastic that may be placed under the tires. Otherwise, you can use sand to add traction where you got stuck if you have no traction mat.

Reflective Signs

Having your car on the road when the repairs are being done is dangerous especially when there are cars that might hit you. Furthermore, as the night progresses, visibility falls rapidly. To address this, it is best to have three reflective signs or triangles. You should likewise put one 100 feet at the front of the car, another a 100 feet behind the car, and another 10 feet behind the car. This is to warn incoming vehicles to slow down early and prevent any accidents. Furthermore, if your car is on a curve, place the reflective triangles before the curve.


There are places when your credit card won’t do any good. There may be instances when you need to purchase something on a store that does not process credit cards. As such, hide a stash of cash in your car and make sure to include smaller bills and a considerable amount of cash so that emergencies along the road can be covered.

Jumper Cables

Obviously, you need jumper cables. You should store them in your trunk so that you may bring back your car to life. Additionally, it also allows you to help others.

Duct Tapes

You will need adhesive that is strong enough to at least give you enough time to get your car to the repair shop. A dangling bumper, side mirror, or part of the grille will still makes your car driveable, but it may put you at more risk.


This is ideal if your car breaks down at night. This gives you more visibility to inspect the car’s engine instead of using your phone’s light. Furthermore, you may opt to use magnetic flashlights that may be affixed to the surface of the car.

Car Repair Information

This may include the contact information of an auto repair shop. This helps you deal with repairs when you’re out of nowhere and you need a hand.

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