Top 5 Tips for a Safe and Hassle Free Car Travel With Your Pets

It can be terribly sad to leave your pets behind when you’re going on a road trip. So to avoid all that heartache, why not bring your pet with you instead?  After all, nothing can compare traveling with your best furry friend. They are fun to be with, and they can be the best traveling buddy that you could ever want.

Traveling with your pets should never be as challenging as you perceive it to be. By taking note on these 5 tips, you can travel with them safely and hassle free.

  1. Never forget to get your pets acclimatized to your car first

If your pet(s) never tried riding your car and traveling long distance, you need to help them get used to it before going for the major trip. Allot at least two to three weeks for this process.

Try traveling short distance first and see how well your pet(s) will fare. After this, you can try traveling more frequently with them. Experiment on which setup they prefer to help them adapt better. Some animals prefer being confined in a smaller space while others want to sit freely on the chair.

Dogs are generally fine with traveling. Cats are also fine with traveling in cars given that they’re placed inside a comfy crate, but some other animals would have the tendency to get anxious. If this is the case with your pet then, you should consult with your veterinarian to help them with proper medication.

  1. Gear Up With a Pet Kit

Traveling with your pets is like traveling with kids, so along with bringing a number of things for your personal use, you will also need to pack in extra stuff with you. They need specific items like water bottles, dog treats, extra leash, and waste bags.

Apart from these necessary items, it would be best to travel with your pet’s health records, just in case your pet encounters medical problems along the way and you need to bring them to a vet.

  1. Provide a doggy seat or a cat crate

As mentioned earlier, cats are a huge fan of crates while dogs are okay just sitting on your car seat. These two have two very different preferences so it would be best to provide them with whatever makes them calmer. Bear in mind to avoid leaving them alone inside the car most especially if you can’t park in a shaded area.


  1. Schedule Bathroom Breaks

They sure can’t hold in their pee or poo and besides you need a bathroom break too. So make sure that while you enjoy riding your car, you have also set a bathroom break most especially for super long drives.  Just keep your pets on a leash, most especially for dogs since they could go a bit haywire in a new and unfamiliar place.

  1. Keep your pets happy

See to it that you bring their favorite toys. The ride can get quite boring and if they’re innately playful, they would demand plenty of attention from you if they don’t have anything to keep them pre-occupied. Throw in their pillows and beddings to help them feel more comfy all throughout your adventure.




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