Top 8 Ways to Help You Reduce Stress While Driving Around UAE

Traffic jams in UAE can be very terrible, most especially in the central area of the country. In a recent report, residents are found to be stressed a lot by the current situation of traffic in UAE. Workers often complain that they spend longer time in travelling back to their home during their office days because of the traffic jams.

Aside from this issue, newbie drivers often complain that driving around this country is scary. They feel stressed while keeping up with the fast paced drivers here. This situation is fairly common around the express lanes of UAE, since drivers around this area love stepping on the gas when they reach the freeway.

All these factors when combined together can trigger the “on” switch for road rage. In order to avoid getting stuck in a heated situation, here are 8 things you can do to ease yourself with all the tension you feel because of driving.

1. Plan your route ahead of time

Knowing the areas that are congested with traffic can help you choose an alternate route. You save more time because you no longer need to wonder about which street or avenue to take, since you already have a working diagram.

Stay updated with the latest news about road construction, detours and the like to help you decide even better. There are plenty of ways you can plan your route. You can try out apps like RTA Smart Drive which uses real time traffic updates or tune in to Tweets and Facebook updates.

2. Don’t put too much stress on your schedule

Allot enough time for you to get to one place to another. Unreasonable time limits would surely press you to worry more. When computing for your estimated time of arrival in ny place, see to it that you not only factor in the distance, but you also look at the density of vehicles passing the same route that you plan to use.

3. Pump up a cheery playlist

Maintain your cool by surrounding yourself with happy and positive vibes. Music with happy and lively tunes can help you avold flipping out when things go horrilbly wrong on the road. Arrange a special playlist that you can plug into your speakers when you’re on the road and see how this positively affects your mood.

4. Be the entertainer of your kids

When you drive around with your kids and you get stuck in the middle of a traffic jam, there is ahuge probability that they would become irritated and bored because of the longer idle time they need to spend inside the car. To avoid suffering from the moaning of your kids try to keep them more entertained. Play a good old movie, or sing a song perhaps.

5. Know what flips your switch

This will help you avoid getting mad because you will know where all that rage is coming from in the first place. This will in effect help you learn how to control your emotions and in the process avoid the stressors that make you feel all agitated.

6. Having a food around will help you maintain your cool

Pack your favorite chips or maybe your favorite candy, so whenever you feel like bursting out while driving, you only need to munch and keep your mouth full with something delightful to eat.

7. Brush on your driving skills

Sometimes it can be stressful when you’re stuck in a situation that you don’t know how to manage, like parallel parking. In order to avoid this from happening, make sure that you keep yourself properly trained to avoid encountering additional technical difficulty while you are riving.

8. Make neccesary adjustment inside your car

Try putting on relaxing scents of pine or peppermint. These herbs are proven to calm the nerves and increase driver’s focus. You can add in other relaxing stuff like a calming playlist. You should also make it a habit of keeping your car neat to avoid clutter and negative energy around you while you’re inside your vehicle.

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